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Photographed at Misfits at FMG Project, Brighton.

About Adrian

Adrian is a 27 year-old trans man who started questioning during 2020 and officially came out in 2021. He is at a transitional point in my life in more ways than one and has taken up exercise while training to become a zookeeper. In addition to building healthy habits, exercise is a great way to channel his energy and emotions and feeling masculine while doing it.


Doing hobbies with other like-minded people.

Trans Joy is being your authentic self and not caring what others think.

In a world that often struggles to fully embrace diversity and inclusion, ‘Beyond the Binary – The Spectrum Of Trans Joy’ is a project dedicated to fostering social cohesion and visibility for the trans and intersex community. This fresh initiative from the award-winning queer photographer Chris Jepson seeks to empower and celebrate the trans+ community by showcasing authentic joy through a captivating series of individual and group portraits.