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Photographed at TReNBI, Brighton.

About Alex

Alex is a freelance video creator and writer. In 2023, along with four friends, he co-founded TReNBI FC, Brighton’s only football team for trans, non-binary and intersex people. TReNBI meet weekly in the park in central Brighton, providing free football and a sense of community for their 36 (and counting!) members. As well as football, Alex is the frontman of Brighton-based queer alt-rock/punk band, Starting Fires.


Playing football with other TNBI+ people. It feels like taking back power – while the world is constantly policing trans people in sport, we’re showing up and playing in the park every Saturday morning and having fun. It’s simple and uncomplicated which feels like a total contrast from the scaremongering and transphobic narrative around sport. That in itself is totally freeing.

Trans joy is the freedom to be completely yourself. It’s feeling seen and uplifted by your community, and finding spaces which are free from gendered expectations. For me, it’s not as much about how I fit in the world, but how I create and carve my own spaces.

In a world that often struggles to fully embrace diversity and inclusion, ‘Beyond the Binary – The Spectrum Of Trans Joy’ is a project dedicated to fostering social cohesion and visibility for the trans and intersex community. This fresh initiative from the award-winning queer photographer Chris Jepson seeks to empower and celebrate the trans+ community by showcasing authentic joy through a captivating series of individual and group portraits.