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Photographed at Misfits at FMG Project, Brighton.

About Brinny

Brinny is a proud non-binary human! Working as a Mind and Movement Coach, Facilitator and Trainer, empowering queer and trans+ people to build happy, affirming, confident lives.

They teach Misfits in Brighton three times a week for trans+ adults for the charity Not a Phase. Right now they’re working with meditation company Calm to deliver mental health workshops across the UK, as well as running their own business.

They’re striving to make fitness and wellbeing more accessible, affirming and fun for trans and non binary people!


Teaching Misfits three times a week!

My classes create space for trans+ adults to exercise in a safe and affirming way, have fun and feel good. We’ve also created such a strong community and that brings me so much joy. To know we’re all there for each other is powerful.

Each and every time we come together I experience joy and I don’t hide it! It involves me ‘wooping’ through the class, dropping some cheer leading style high kicks and cheering each and every one on!

The Misfits community have helped me to unmask more and more too and be authentically me.

Many who come to Misfits had never felt safe to exercise or go to the gym and now come regularly to class. When I hear the impact it has on people’s lives I feel very happy and this is why I do it!

We all help each other access that joy. And that’s a reminder to us all that we deserve to feel it, to be happy and to be well.

Long live trans joy.

Trans Joy is feeling freedom, connection and euphoria in myself and with community. It’s about sharing moments of joy and happiness with other trans+ folks and allies who love, affirm and see you for exactly who you are, without judgement. When I experience trans joy it is magical.

In a world that often struggles to fully embrace diversity and inclusion, ‘Beyond the Binary – The Spectrum Of Trans Joy’ is a project dedicated to fostering social cohesion and visibility for the trans and intersex community. This fresh initiative from the award-winning queer photographer Chris Jepson seeks to empower and celebrate the trans+ community by showcasing authentic joy through a captivating series of individual and group portraits.