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Photographed at Trans Can Sport at The Fitness Bar, Brighton.

About Michael

Michael is 19 and started transitioning nearly 5 years ago, and since has become someone he really enjoys being. He was a really shy kid and a really shy teen but from transitioning has gained so much confidence and joy in his life. Michael has been studying horticulture for the past two years, adores plants and can talk about them for hours if given the chance. With an interest in art, any object that he owns will end up getting painted on sooner or later, Michael has taken up diy screen printing and patches now adorn most of his clothes.


…working in nature, being around plants and being able to interact with nature so often has really changed my life. I started exercising to get stronger and that has brought a lot of joy into my life, working with horticulture means that strength I gain translates directly into being better at doing work. I found who I was whilst volunteering at community projects around the city, getting stronger has meant that I can help more with these groups which really means a lot to me. I get a lot of joy giving back to people, transitioning has been really tough in a lot of ways but being able to give back to people who helped me through this time by being a welcoming space means so much to me.

Trans joy is being happy and hopeful despite everything.

In a world that often struggles to fully embrace diversity and inclusion, ‘Beyond the Binary – The Spectrum Of Trans Joy’ is a project dedicated to fostering social cohesion and visibility for the trans and intersex community. This fresh initiative from the award-winning queer photographer Chris Jepson seeks to empower and celebrate the trans+ community by showcasing authentic joy through a captivating series of individual and group portraits.