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Photographed at Transkaters at BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park, London.

About Milo

Milo is a music and events publicist from London and the founder of Transkaters – London’s first trans+ skateboard, roller-skate, roller-blade and wheelchair collective.


Transkaters. I created Transkaters because skateboarding brings me so much joy, but skate parks are often immensely cis male dominated spaces and don’t feel safe for LGBTQIA+ folks. I wanted to meet some trans folk who wanted to get back into skating, and I didn’t expect the reaction I got from putting a call out on Instagram. I’ve been bowled over by the beautiful, blossoming community we have today, and it’s been a privilege to see the positive and restorative impact it’s had on people’s lives already.

Trans joy is having the freedom to express myself through my gender and regardless of my gender. I get joy from being surrounded by trans folk, lifting other trans folk up, being loud about our identities and fighting for our right to exist, but I also get joy from simply existing as a trans person on the days with no hassle. I get joy from watching my trans+ friends forging paths for themselves and making the seemingly impossible possible, it’s empowering and inspiring like nothing else.

In a world that often struggles to fully embrace diversity and inclusion, ‘Beyond the Binary – The Spectrum Of Trans Joy’ is a project dedicated to fostering social cohesion and visibility for the trans and intersex community. This fresh initiative from the award-winning queer photographer Chris Jepson seeks to empower and celebrate the trans+ community by showcasing authentic joy through a captivating series of individual and group portraits.